Antzoulatos Group

As a Group, we are obligated to the management of our business enterprise in order to protect the interests of our society. The management for our business decisions is not merely to maximize profits but also to serve the interests of the society’s members as a whole.

In the past, during the development of our corporate ethics, we reached a stage where the question of social responsibility towards our local community could not be taken lightly. According to the President & CEO of Antzoulatos Group Konstantinos Antzoulatos, claimed that some of the resources and capital they use for the production of goods and services should be spent towards our community’s benefit and development.

Without harming other sectors such as our workforce and even the public, Antzoulatos Group of Companies provided the below donations:

The Pediatric Oncology Unit of Rio’s University General Hospital “Panagia h Voitheia”

The Rio Hospital honored with a commemorative plaque and inscribed on a special ceremony with the hospital’s donor, Konstantinos Antzoulatos, who spent a significant amount on building the pediatric oncology unit.


The Neonatal Incubators Unit of “409” Military Hospital

The great urgency that had arisen due to the lack of incubators in the neonatal section of 409, had as a result an extreme number of nearly 100 infant deaths per year. Konstantinos Anzoulatos considered it necessary to build the neonatal unit and donate it to the Hospital. By his donation, claimed that he created a cradle of life where many were long lost in the past.