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The Group

Antzoulatos Group is one of the leading groups of companies in Greece in providing quality consumer durable goods and services. The commercial activity is expanding in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Italy, Germany, U.S.A. and China. The headquarters of the Group since the date of the foundation are based in Patras, Greece.

By operating subsidiaries in European countries and Asia, Antzoulatos group maintains a powerful international presence and distribution network that exports in numerous countries. 


Antzoulatos group contributes in the fields of Production, Distribution, IT, Real Estate, Media and Construction. Our headquarters consist of the main offices, our first IDEA store, a 36.000 square meter warehouse and, our logistic department. This concept provides the best possible function of our wholesale – retail distribution and customer satisfaction.


In our warehouse, we store and manage 65.000 SKU. We import the 80 % of our entire product ranges. Many of our products are under our own brands such as “PROFI”, “HOBBY”, “PRESTIGE” “and GLOBUS” which we produce in China and distribute them via our stores and from our B2B Distribution Channel.

Is the biggest Greek DIY chain. The administrative department consists of highly trained members in the field of business management, sales and development.  Our locations are five and are about 10.000 square meters each. IDEA STORES have a huge amount of different products in many ranges such as: Read More

Presence in nine countries