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Antzoulatos Group is one of the leading groups of companies in Greece in providing quality consumer durable goods and services. The commercial activity is expanding in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Italy and China. The headquarters of the Group since the date of the foundation are based in Patras, Greece.

By operating subsidiaries in European countries and Asia, Antzoulatos group maintains a powerful international presence and distribution network that exports in numerous countries. 

Antzoulatos Group was founded by Konstantinos Antzoulatos in 1984. During the last 36 years, the Group is dedicated in investing to its employees and to the quality of the workplace and the innovative infrastructure along with the functional relationships with suppliers. Throughout our history, it manages to achieve high levels of productivity and to maximize customers’ satisfaction. The groups target has always been to offer high quality everyday products by taking under consideration consumer needs and satisfaction.

The Group is official certified in accordance with TUV CERT. All of our companies have established and apply a quality system for Handling, Distribute, Warehouse, Packaging, Merchandising, of Hardware industrial tools 

Antzoulatos Groups core Five values are and always have been: “Honesty”, “Respect”, “Integrity”, “Humility” and “Commitment to customers”. 


To be the leaders on manufacturing and distributing quality products to customers has always been our vision. Since we own the First and Biggest DIY chain in Greece, our vision is to become a part of millions of peoples lives by provide them with quality products and services. Antzoulatos Group has continuously strived for excellence. We believe that our focus and commitment on “Our People” is a major priority. The development and improvement of our employees under a healthy work place is a fundamental priority to reach our Groups goals.


  • Always be aware of the market and quick adaptation.
  • Managing our product portfolio is a big importance.
  • Keep our personnel aware for any change inside the companies’ expansion, rules and goals.
  • Achieve long-term partnerships and alliances with other companies.


Antzoulatos Group of Companies has been a leading player in the Greek market in the last 36 years by following and adapting to the Greek and global economy. Our Group’s diversity of operations range from Retailing-Wholesaling, to Real Estate and Media.

IDEA STORES: The first and biggest DIY Chain in Greece of Household products, Home Furnishings, Industrial tools and a lot more. Our stores are present in four different cities in Greece to serve our customers in terms of wholesale, retail and e-commerse.

Store locations:


Through exclusive agreements, the Company also maintains a large product portfolio of international brands, like:

  • Black Red White
  • Cersanit
  • FDM
  • Grohe
  • Duro Stick
  • Milwaukee etc.


Throughout the years our Group has developed

an extraordinary wholesale network.  

CASA DI FARO: Real Estate and Construction.

SUPER B: Local Television Channel, Media

POLITIA NEWS: Radio Station